Reboot my server how many times for iscsi reconnection?

I am getting up to speed on how my EqualLogic works in my environment after a colleague left and his method for getting a iscsi connection to come back was to reboot the windows server the shares were hosted on over and over again until it showed back up.  Well, for the heck of it I did try it after a share disappeared but since I'm writing this you can imagine it didn't work.  There's no disk attached to the Windows Server anymore with that name.    

The target called "BackupVol1" isn't even in the favorites anymore.  I think I can wee what IP it was using under discovery but again I'm not sure.  When I try that IP under "Quick Connect" it errors out.

I think my real question is where the heck are these names like "BackupVol1" on the EqualLogic?  I just can't seem to make the connection of the IP I see in "Discovery" to the Target name.  

If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.  Like I said I'm just getting up to speed.          

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RE: Reboot my server how many times for iscsi reconnection?


 Do you still have support for this array?  Quickest resolution would be to open a support case. 

 Do you have the password for this group? 

 If so, then in the GUI, you can check the events log for any errors when you try to log into that group. 

 I would also try to ping the Discovery IP address listed.  Make sure that server can reach it. 

 In the "Targets" tab are there any volumes listed there? 



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