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Remotely manage ASM/ME on Core installation?

I'm hoping this is a dumb question and I'm missing something.  Is there a way to remotely manage ASM/ME if the PS4000 SAN is on a Windows 2008 Core installation?  Or am I stuck with the CLI?  I have remote Server Manager and Computer Management working...just can't figure out how to get the ASM snap in.

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Re: Remotely manage ASM/ME on Core installation?


Hi, It's Joe with Dell EqualLogic.  Typically, you use the CLI.  However, there is a work-a-round to install the Microsoft iSCSI initiator GUI on to 2008 Core first.  Once installed, you can then install ASM/ME, and use the plug-ins from the initiator.

Here is a link I found on how to install the initiator GUI on 2008 core. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/san/archive/2008/11/21/how-to-add-the-iscsii-initiator-user-interface-to-win...




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