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Status on FW 5.0.2?

Just wondering what the timeframe of the 5.0.2 firmware might be.

We jumped the gun and installed 5.0.1 two days before the bulletin came out, and while we aren't exhibiting any of the reported issues at the moment, we're now in a holding pattern on upgrading our vSphere cluster to 4.1

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Status on FW 5.0.2?

Just talked to support, as we have been having issues with the 512 iSCSI connection limit since we first started building our huge infrastructure and v5 allows 1024 per pool. I upgraded one SUMO member Friday afternoon and began migrating the data to that one so Monday I could upgrade the other 5 SUMOs. There are apparently more issues than just the ones in the bulletin and it is advised not to upgrade the rest. If there were issues the downgrade path is backup your data, reset to factory defaults, and start over, this we can't possibly do. The escalation support person said they are working day and night to release 5.0.2, but there is no ETA as of now.

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Re: Status on FW 5.0.2?

Hi MFKelly_TX & DXS_Matt, I'm Dylan Locsin in Dell's Storage Product Group - working on the EQL team.  First, I want to apologize for any issues caused by the v5.0.0 or 5.0.1 firmware release.  If you have not yet spoken to support yet, please do so immediately. Beyond that, I would like let you know what the Dell team is doing (and what’s been done) to correct the issue.


The engineering team found the root cause to the issues, identified the fixes and has been contacting all affected customers over about a week’s time.  You should have already received an email outlining details of the issue and the actions you should take.  If you have not received that official email, please let me know.  Here’s a quick recap:  we’re planning to release an updated firmware version (v5.0.2) on our around August 30, 2010 to specifically address these issues.  Dell will contact you as soon as that update is available for download and installation to make sure you get what you need quickly.


To reiterate guidance, if you’ve downloaded v5.0.0 or v5.0.1, and not yet installed, we recommend that you do not install. If you already have these firmware updates installed or received an array from the Dell factory with version v5.0.0, please contact Dell support immediately.  They can get you operating at 100% until version 5.0.2 is available.


Our goal is to act fast, working around the clock until we found a resolution.  We take these issues very seriously, and our priority is making sure you’re taken care of before, during and after this process.


If you have other questions, you can see our Firmware FAQ here, contact Dell support or ask in this forum.  Our commitment is to stay in touch and make sure you get what you need.

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