Stopping a pending firmware update


I have a P6000x with later 3TB drives installed, currently it has a pending firmware update awaiting a restart. I know from issues when we attempted to update that V6 will not read the self-encrypting drives therefore failing the update halfway through.

As we are about to deploy replacement Compellent SAN's in the next few weeks I don't want this update to go ahead, mainly though I don't want the issues I had last time if we have a power failure and the SAN gets stuck halfway through an update.

Is there a way to remove/halt the pending update?



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RE: Stopping a pending firmware update

Hi Chris, 

 No there's no built-in mechanism to do that. 

Not familiar with an issue with FW 6.x and SED drives.  Unless you aren't running EQL certified drives?  Which I suspect because  a PS6000X wouldn't have 3TB drives. 

 There might be a way but it would require an outage and a reboot.  No way around that. You should open a support case so support.  

Otherwise you'd have to wait it out until the CML is online and the data migrated. If you don't already have backups I would strongly suggest you do backup at least critical data. 



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