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Windows Server is mounting old snapshots

For some reason, our Windows 2008R2 server is mounting snapshots.

I am not sure what is triggering it.

We have latest EQ Firmware and HIT 3.5 installed

Snapshots are scheduled at the group level.

We are using NetBackup for OS level backups.  It uses Windows backups, but is not EQ or iSCSI aware.



After a while, the server will slow down, and when checked, we have very many disks in "disk manager" (no drive letters).

When I check in iSCSI, there are many snapshots shown as connected.

I try opening ASM and it just times out adding the snap-in.


Please advise to why these may be getting mounted.

And how to stop it.


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Re: Windows Server is mounting old snapshots

First, ensure you have the latest version of ASM installed (currently HIT v3.5.1).  Also, ensure you reviewed the release notes, since there are some registry settings you may need to modify.

Than I would start by first checking the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator and cleaning up all persistent connections.  Look at the following tabs, “Volumes & Devices” do you see any of the older snapshots listed there, if so, use the remove button to get rid of them (remove anything that is not currently being used).  Then look at the “Favorite Targets” tab to see if any of the older snapshots are listed there, if so use the remove button to get rid of them too.  Then on the “Targets” tab, see if any of the older snapshots are listed there, if so, disconnect from them.

If you are using the EqualLogic MPIO DSM, you will need to see if you have enabled the option in the Remote Setup Wizard for “Use MPIO for Snapshots”.  You can read all about this setting at the EqualLogic Document center at:, and look for the document (just do a search on TR1036 to narrow the list): “Configuring and Deploying the Dell EqualLogic Multipath I/O Device Specific Module (DSM) in a PS Series SAN”

Also, your backup software maybe configured to recreate the persistent snapshot connections, so you will need to look there as well.

If you still have issues, you may need to dive deeper into the OS and use iSCSI the command line utility iscsicli, for example use “iscsicli listtargets”; “iscsicli listpersistenttargets”, etc.  or use “iscsicli ?” for a full list of commands

If you are still can’t figure out where they are coming from, you might want to open a support case with us.




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Re: Windows Server is mounting old snapshots

Yep... I had this happen with some Symantec software that gives you the choice of VSS provider.  The next time a backup ran, it created an online snapshot volume that it never released.  

Joe's advice here is good.  Just follow that.

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