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throughput down

I am using the support of unapplied PS6100XS in six pieces of Hyper-V cluster environment of WindowsServer2012R2.
I am perplexed at the sudden performance down of this PS6100XS.
For now, the throughput with 460 MB / S is confirmed but at present, it is a performance with the 100 MB / S degree.
The work before this phenomenon happens was the following in me.
It is the shutdown of the cluster for the maintenance.
A cluster node is restarted for the maintenance.
It installs the role of the overlap exception in all cluster nodes.
I think that it wants to do the advice where someone is suitable for me.
Thank you.

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Re: throughput down


 Performance issues are very difficult to triage.  They require gathering quite a bit of data to determine where the problem might be.

 If you don't have a support contract currently, you can open a one time case for a fee and they will verify the health of the storage array.



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