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Re: Ask the Expert: Introducing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5

That’s a great question Allan.

vRealize Automation 7 is generally available since the mid of December 2015, however the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Management team, based on the recommendation from VMware Product Management, decided to wait with the adoption of that, because the current version of this product is positioned more for “greenfield” environments (new installations) and doesn’t fully support upgrades from the previous versions (6.x).

Together with VMware Technical Marketing we've prepared the following statement, explaining this to our Customers:

One of the key values delivered by the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud to our Customers is sustainability. As the EMC Federation, we put a significant engineering effort to ensure the complete solution is easy to maintain and upgrade to the next release. VMware vRealize Automation 7.0 provides several new compelling features, such as simplified deployment, enhanced event based extensibility and converged application, machine and network blueprints. However these enhancements will require adoption of new functionality, some re-design and changes to current customizations in existing FEHC and vRA 6.x customer environments. Further, some of the vRA 6.x and AppServices 6.x functionality is not available in vRA 7.0.

Given these changes, the joint decision of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Management team and VMware vRealize Automation Product Management, basing on the recommendation of the latter, was to wait to adopt vRA 7 in FEHC after the next release of vRA (7.x), where some of these items will be resolved.

The current roadmap plans are to include the next generation of vRealize Automation (7.x) in the “Badger” release later on this year.

Does it answer your question?

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Re: Ask the Expert: Introducing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5

yes- thanks!  The first paragraph would have worked for me  🙂

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Re: Ask the Expert: Introducing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5

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