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Re: Ask the Expert: SolVe Desktop, Proactive knowledge and Self-Help Procedures for Customer Engagement Readiness

This Ask the Expert event has officially ended, but don't let that retract you from asking more questions. At this point our SMEs, after addressing all questions previously posted, are still welcomed to answer and continue the discussion though not required. Here is where we ask our community members to chime in and assist other users if they're able to come up with accurate information. Additionally, you're welcome to post other questions unrelated to the topic of this ATE on the Support Community community.

Many thanks to our SMEs who selflessly made themselves available to answer questions. We also appreciate our community members for taking part of the discussion and ask so many interesting questions.

ATE events are made for your benefit as members of ECN. If you’re interested in pitching a topic or Subject Matter Experts we would be interested in hearing it. To learn more on what it takes to start an event please visit our Ask the Expert Program Space on ECN.