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Re: Ask the Expert: VMware NSX definition and features

What are the training options and knowledge sources?

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Re: Ask the Expert: VMware NSX definition and features


Today there are many sources but not all are reliable and easy to get lost among so much information, I enlisted some that I think are the most important, depending the goal is that we can count:

Intro NSX

This is an online course of short duration (3hrs), it's any basis for understanding NSX in friendly way, this can take you to  the exam VCA-NV or entry level VMware NSX, however, if the goal is to learn without NSX enter in depth, this course is appropriate.

For the purpose of certification VCP-NV, apart from the "blue print" this link to guide crumbling all points mentioned in the official print of Blue exam.-

Just take into account the examination code version NSX being evaluated.

If the goal is to learn only a little more detail tech talks of VMware on YouTube are a good choice if flat or have access to recorded sessions from VMworld some also on YouTube, mainly those that are not technical about NSX, otherwise, the 2014 and 2015 sessions of NSX and Security are good sources of knowledge, including to fine issues NSX performance and design.

for the purpose of certification VCIX-NV, also apart from Blue print Official certification for this link:

VCIX-NV Study Guide |

which is an excellent guide who covers all points in the Blue print, continuing the theme of VMworld sessions, in addition to those mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the good operational practice sessions and design are fundamental.

In both cases it is helpful to take hols (Hands On Labs) of VMware, if for VCP follow procedures for each laboratory, if it is to VCIX-NV try to assess configurations or leave a little script, that is all is reduced to follow the Blue print and evaluate everything about the lab we have available without following the proceeding described in each laboratory, it is very useful to experiment and likewise have the feeling of an advanced exam, since the VCIX-NV is a Live examination based on assessed by human tasks for the pass.


HOLS catalog networking


In addition there are very good documents about good design practices on specific hardware vendors, Cisco UCS, edge, Dell etc. communities in VMware NSX:

VMware Communities Docs

There are sources of payment for example in VMware the list of official VMware courses NSX:

VMware Certification




Networking for VMware Administrators (VMware Press Technology): Christopher Wahl, Steve Pantol: 9780...


Other sources:

NPV o NSX-Multi Hypervisor

VMware NSX | Network Virtualization 

Troubleshooting NSX

+ vRay

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Re: Ask the Expert: VMware NSX definition and features

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