Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?


This would be so exiting hear all about DSSD !

I really want alert for earthquake sent from NTT can be faster by using DSSD .. as DSSD can process quick for the info may related to ....Fast processing ability can save thousands of lives.


Thanks for the  comment ayas ..

It is need that fact we can predict earthquake alert early enough ....

Yes ,,gathering information from various field and put together and analyze ..... this is ideal for DSSD workload ,,

if Amount of data is too much for DSSD to handle  ,,, We can even use with Isilon...

It will become true earthquake prediction can be made way before it happens then save hundreds of lives ...

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

Sigrid_NW_EMC  Sigrid_NW_EMC

AM*Z*N deliver my order in same day ,,, I feel like saying what more we want for system speed ! of course ,, network as well .Only field we can touch may be silence and nature like ayas suggested ,,,

I saw the article about software called waifu2x, This Linux platformed software's used technology for Deep Learning and give great resolution to old photos ends up looks like new ,,, if waifu2x and DSSD can work together , It will add more chance to find tiny little cancer cells that what used be !

Also in archaeology ,, this field become digitization now.We do not need to dive into deep sea to investigate Titanic. It is only need to scan it  and investigate in  virtual reality. People were surprised when this virtual reality investigation result has revealed as it was pretty good one even it did not went through under water .

Egypt ... pyramid has symmetric rooms inside ... but as it is protected architecture investigation cannot be done Unless you can see though the wall .... Imagine if you can use better scanning photo technology ,,,

We may be able to check inside of pyramid without damaging wall around !

Whole new world will open .. so exciting !

But still we are rely on human ability for some area ,,, like plane crash .. if we could use DSSD for this kind of investigation and get more accurate result ,  I do not need to scare every time got on to place.

If this cannot be comprehend ... lets talk about surveillance area ,,, we can use DSSD and Isilon and get better visual resolution technique and bad guy can be find sooner ,,,, It will not long before till surveillance  camera arrest bad guy with excellent facial recognition ... To be honest I do not like big brother watching me all the time though...

Technology has always dream! I can talk this over night ,,, but I better get back to work ...LOL

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuk

HI Sigrid... thanks for the great Ideas ! Did not think DSSD can be used archaeology ! It must me huge amount of image data DSSD need to process!

Also Wrecked ship ,,, High speed processing will comes in handy if only limited time and space has been offered for investigation .

So as Plane crash ,,,, DSSD can be life saver for this kind of  field and that is ideal for anybody work on this industry ...

The solution for mystery of the world would be DSSD ,,,, wouldn't it Sigrid ?

I enjoy your comment ,,,thanks !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

Sigrid_NW_EMC  Sigrid_NW_EMC

Last day for the event.......

Yes ! DSSD will be good tool for solving mystery of the world ... but DSSD is a single sided product , it has double and triple sides or more .....there are many area DSSD can be used.

Frankly speaking ...DSSD is kind of fire for early human ,,,Like super computer or quantum computer in the early stage of It industry. Processing huge ( 100T class ) data with super fast speed will be serious threat when it is used for wrong area,,, that is why we need human wisdom ( means application which handle DSSD pretty well ) need to be involved .

Like ayas suggested ,, Area DSSD can be good at lives anyhow.

Surveillance camera may help cut down crimes ,

Traffic camera may help car accidents and traffic jam.

More so,,, trading system can be super fast ....random walk and chart analysis ,,,then scalping stocks creates endless money making system !

Gee I wish Dept of Pension office implement this system !

Talking about wreck ship investigation, Most important fact is the the ship itself are changing every minutes  under water so need to investigate and collect information while you can  .. we can even capture the moment before its disappear.

Soon or later .. we may be able to input even human into system DSSD used then interact with human being in the future or 100 year ago ..

It is pity that I do not have guts to build that kind of system , but somebody will make this happen one day !

Sorry I am getting too far  ,,, but I am the true believer for New world DSSD can create !

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Hi Sigrid,

thanks heaps for the update  2days in the row..

It is quite amazing that you mentioned about `` Capture information or Save time `` for the use of DSSD . I never

thought about it ! Yes , if you can process fast enough then be able to snapshot every moment at the time ...

And Idea about Interaction with other time line, that Idea gave me goose bumps, One day somebody came up and saying ..

`` We create time machine! with DSSD ! ``

If that happens ,, amount of data will be enormous,,, I also would like to offer Isilon for back end .. LOL   

This is great that whole new Idea came out from forum users ,,, I am so excited and appreciate the reply from you all !

Please give me brain buzz more!!!

come on !


Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

When I explain about DSSD ,,, I often got asked `` what is difference between AFA ( All flash array like xtremIO ) and DSSD ?

OK! Let me show you ...

This is the AFA ( see photo below )



*has all comfortable function you can think of ( like air con , car navigation etc ...)

* Be able to drive any load ..

Like in the photo ,, AFA looks cool and very handy ( snapshot /replication/compression/de-dup etc )

Now ,,this is DSSD ( see photo below)



*you can drive normal road if you really wants to ... ( need some effort for it )

* Air con ? car navigation ? .... forget them ... well at least seat-belt is there though.

DSSD is like F1 ,,, made only for specific propose ``FAST ``  Anything else are not matter ..

there is no snapshot/replication/compression/dedup so it would be easy to create  quote! but Cubic RAID protects data though !

So you can safely enjoy fast machine !

Can you feel the difference on AFA and DSSD ?

Think about DSSD when you just want Speed .. you get what you want !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?


Takayuki Takayuki

I can see everyone are saying DSSD is fast !

but I need to see with my eyes ,,, can you please tell me when or where I can see that ? like Demo ..

As I need to see it ... I am very skeptical  ...

Yes ,, we are planning to do Demo , In APJ , there is Demo environment in Singapore ( 4 Times PCIe Gen3 x4 = 16GBytes/sec bandwidth ,, ) This Lab creates 100kIOPS easy ...

I will update you once we have more result ! Keep in touch !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

Xperia   Xperia 

If DSSD is fast ,,, What about use DSSD  for Super computer component so that Super computer will get

super super fast !

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Thanks for the Idea !

Yes that is the Ideal for use case for DSSD !

Super computer storage compornent are used to enhunce server performance also size need to be small as it could be .

DSSD has high performance sepc and only 5U size .... Super computer may size down if DSSD is used for storage unit .

BTW , Max DSSD capacity is 100TB , This is not enough for using Super computer.. so using with storage like Isilon would be the realistic option ...

Xperia   Xperia

If DSSD can help space saving for  Supercomputer .. it would be wonderful !

It may need 10years of time to get where it become true ,,,but remember, when we first had calculator it was huge and soon we have laptop !

If super computer become smaller and many people can have it ,, the world become ful of good ideas!

bright futue on DSSD !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

I have been talking about DSSD to customers ... Listed below are  the brief use case  for DSSD I think ...

1 For Super fast DB system

=looking for replacement of Exadata for some reason but got to be better or same quality required .

=Need super fast system even using PostgreSQL and MySQL .

=Seeking best performance end up complicated system thus need to simplify the system .

2 Analytic

= wants to use Hadoop close to real time ..

( DSSD can handle HDFS access so fast, thus no issue using hadoop/spark and SQL ... )


= This is for super computer

Some customer point out that they will use C+ if API may access faster ,,, In this case , Used DSSD as Object storage

and Use only API for connection.DSSD become very fast Key-Value Store ( only via API )

Every time I talk with customer abour DSSD ,they give us fresh and good idea I did not think of ! it is great !

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Re: 【Translation English Ask The Expert】What is DSSD ?

H.Mochizuki    H.Mochizuki

Thank you so much for the Idea about DSSD used cases!

Event finished on last Friday ,But still getting comment from customer so I will share with you....

*DSSD can be used as very fast storage which has parity calculation rather than expecting capacity usage

*High spec comes with small rack like 5U is great !

* DSSD can be used for add extra power to GPU memory

*48 client connection is not enough for use of HPC.Also need more capacity at least 500TB.

* My dream car is Porsche (DSSD)  but have to put up with Prius ( Unity ).... No Idea for DSSD usage at my system

so end up legacy storage but latest version .... Unity ..)

Letter in Pink may be in down side for DSSD now  but those will be enhanced and changed in future !

Some people may come up new Idea via this event , Be free and be positive for how you can use this new product.

DSSD will bring you happier life  .

Keep us post with your Idea .... We need your thought to think together!

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