Adding additional drives to XPS 8700

I would like to add 3 additional drives to my desktop. I have 3 ATA ports available. My question is given I have enough power from my PSU, after I plug them in what do I use to configure them. I would like Raid 0 stripped. Does the disk management do this are do i have to another program. 

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RE: Adding additional drives to XPS 8700


 Much depends on what you already have installed for drives and cards.  That supply is likely 460Watts max peak.  

Re: Disk manager can do RAID0.  You won't be able to boot from it of course. 

Depending on how much space you are talking you might want to look at an external USB device that has multiple drives and supports RAID internally.   

 I have an external drive with two 8TB drives that run in a RAID1 for backups and videos.  It's also capable of RAID0.   I prefer this approach in case something fails with that system it's on I can simply move the drive to another system and have instant access to my data.    Doing that with software RAID can be more problematic, especially if the OS versions aren't the same. 



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