Alternative Disk Models For Equallogic

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My company has a Dell Equallogic PS4000X storage (16 drives) and two R710 servers. The software running on it has been working well since 2009. But now when i check the storage, i see that 4 of disks are faulty state. Array is up but the windows system on the LUN works so slowly. All disks are Dell Equallogic Cheetah 15K.7 300 GB (ST3300657SS) by Seagate. It's an old disk model and very hard to find on the market. What are the alternative models for my Equallogic? Any SAS disk model 300 GB, 600GB or 1TB with 6GB/s and 15K works well on it? I would be very glad if you help.

Thank you.

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RE: Alternative Disk Models For Equallogic


 You will need to find Equallogic branded Dell drives.  Standard OEM drives will not work.  The EQL drives have a custom image and without that the array will not accept the drives. 

 Without a service contract you'll have to find some used ones online. 



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