Change a Group IP in SAN HQ?

One of our SAN's in SAN HQ recently had it's management interface IP changed.  So now SAN-HQ says it's offline and can't see it.  And I can't seem to find an option anywhere to put in the new address.  I tried to stop monitoring and remove the old on and add the new, but it errors out saying it can't talk to the device to stop the monitoring.  Is there some menu I just haven't found yet where I can just change the old IP for this group?

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RE: Change a Group IP in SAN HQ?


 What version of SANHQ are you using?  Sounds like it might be an older version. 

 Make sure that the SANHQ server can ping / log into the new IP address for the group. 



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RE: Change a Group IP in SAN HQ?

We have pretty much the same problem.  We removed the GL san that was also the IP of the group manager - Once it was done vacating, the SAN HQ lost connectivity to the group completely.


We were told by Dell Tech Support that SAN HQ would choose another master and automatically reconfigure the group IP to use the new master.  It did not.

So how do I change the group IP in the SAN HQ?  I can ping it from the server where SAN HQ is installed, and the group manager EXE works fine when you feed it the correct IP.  The issue is that in SAN HQ it still thinks the group is the old IP.

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