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Compellent -> R710 -> TL2000 Performance Issue

Good morning. We have tested Windows backups of data from the Compellent to a physical drive within the R710, copies of 15 GB worth of data from the Compellent to the R710, and backups of 15+ GB of data from the R710’s physical drive to the TL2000 (LTO5 HH) drives are all extremely faster than running backups of the data from the Compellent to the LTO5 HH drives.  All firmware has been updated for the TL2000, LTO5’s, etc. We should be seeing much greater than 3 GB/Min for this backup, currently only seeing 247 MB/Min.  The total amount of data to be backed up for this job is ~690 GB.

The backup software is Ultrabac 9.2.4.

A pair of dual-port x520 NICs using 1 port from each of the x520’s configured redundantly (2 ports unused)

No Jumbo Frames

Cisco Nexus 5K

Ports configured/optimized for iSCSI

we do not see any performance problems running Windows backups from the Compellent to the server.  The performance problems only occur when running data from the Compellent -> 10 GbE NIC -> R710 -> 6 Gbps SAS HBA -> SAS LTO5 tape drive

Any ideas of what could be causing the bottleneck?

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