Dell Powervault MD questions

I haven't use any of the Dell Powervault MD's before. I am looking at going after a MD3200i to be storage in a vmware cluster, this one looks like the one i'm going after http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-PowerVault-MD3200i-iSCSI-SAN-12-x-2TB-/142398485669?hash=item21279c74a5...

So would the iSCSI in connections on the example above be the connectivity for network traffic with the management port be used for management of the MD3200i?

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RE: Dell Powervault MD questions

Hello amadeus305,

Yes you are correct. If you are going to use out-of-Band management then your iSCSI connections would be used for data & the management port would be used to manage your MD3200i. Now if you wanted you can use in-band management & with that you manage your MD3200i using the iSCSI connections. Here is a link to our Administrator Guide and if you look on page 35 it explains more about the differences between In-band & Out-of-Band management. http://downloads.dell.com/Manuals/common/md32xx_md36xx_administrator%20guide_en%20us.pdf

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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