Dell Technical Test Query!

Hi Guys,

I have a technical test with Dell next Tuesday and I need the following information: SAN environments, RAID configurations, iSCSI-protocol and -initiators, and current MPIO-software and –policies?

What do I need to know about each topic as the test is 1 hour? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Dell Technical Test Query!

What kind of test are you talking about?

Is it a certification test, a job interview (technical interview), training (where they want you to take a test at the beginning so they can compare the results with a similar test at the end to see what knowledge you gained during the training), or something else?

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RE: Dell Technical Test Query!

Dell has developed a certification test for resellers/installers.   You need to be familiar with basic networking and iSCSI concepts,  RAID levels, and Dell PS Series SAN features. 



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