Different paths for volumes in the same group

Hello Guys, I have one PS group with to PS6210(1 PS6210E and 1 PS6210X) I have two new volumes without data and in my ESXi 6,0 I can see one volume with 6 paths active and other volume only 2 active paths.

I don´t know why, May be one volume is striped by two members and other not?

The Size of volumes are 100GB and 150GB

My Environment is:

EQL FW 9.0.5

ESXI 6.0

MEM 1.3


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RE: Different paths for volumes in the same group


 First thing is to upgrade to MEM v1.4.  You'll need to install it via the CLI or via setup.pl.  

  MEM and EQL FW will negotiate iSCSI connections based on load.  Unless you bound the volume to one member it will be split across them or if they are at different RAID policies and you set the preference for the volume to a specific RAID level.  You can check this by looking at the details of that volume. 



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