Eql Update from 7.1.5 to 8.x

Hi all,

I'm planning a upgrade of a SAN-group with mixed PS4100/PS6100 AND Active syncrep for an ESXi 5.1 environment.
The last time the customer did an upgrade form the group they experienced problems with the syncrep which failed during the upgrades

Can I expect problems with syncrep when i perform the upgrade from 7.1.5 to8.1.x. ?
According the readme's it is a direct upgrade and both of the version are able to replicate to each other. 

The Upgrade of ESX 5.1 to 6 will be planned in the near future but first we have to upgrade the SAN environment.


Rob  Coenders

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RE: Eql Update from 7.1.5 to 8.x

Hello Rob, 

  Things that impact firmware upgrades the most are the disk and login timeouts.  Both on the ESXi server and any running VMs.  For the VMs there the OS considerations guide located with the Firmware downloads.  For the ESXi server,  Dell Tech Report TR1091 covers that.    That PDF can be found here:


These settings are important not just for firmware upgrades but in case you have an unexpected controller failover. 

 There are not any known issues with upgrading from 7.x to 8.x that I am aware of.  I would suggest however that you go to 9.0.5 instead. 

 As a general rule doing the firmware upgrades in a maint window or low IO period is always best. 

 I personally like to do the upgrades via the serial port.   Two reasons,  I connect to both CMs so I can very closely monitor the process and in the event of a problem,  I'm already attached for any triage.  Serial muxes work great for this and there not very expensive.  




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