Equallogic 6510 Replication Setup.

Hi Team,

i have Equallogic 6510 at both Primary and DR . Priamry and DR site is just 10 meters apart.  and in same Network segment but in different Vlan.

Primary 6510 is like

Dedicated Mgmt / Member ip eth2 is

Group ip is eth0/1 are and 23

DR Equallogic is

Dedicated mgmt is and eth2 is

Group IP is and eth0 is and eth1 is

How Replication configuration needs to be done in best practice now. i have Mgmt port conencted to customer network swicth from both Equallogic and Equal data port is connected to 8132F at both end and 8132F both are port channelled .


is it the best practice to have primary and DR IP address on same Range or it must be on different Subnet altogether.

how replication would be setup so replictaion traffic must be on  Equallogic dedicated Group ip range/Swicthes .


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RE: Equallogic 6510 Replication Setup.

You would have them on different networks. See http://vmpete.com/2010/10/31/replication-with-an-equallogic-san-part-5/ for the detailed setup of replication with EqualLogic arrays.
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RE: Equallogic 6510 Replication Setup.

The only requirements for replication is that each side must be able to reach every port on both groups.  Not just the Group IP, so things like NAT firewalls can't be used.  Ports for ICMP, and iSCSI (3260) must be open as well.

If you WAN, is setup as a bridge, or on a local subnet it will work fine.   As long as you can solve the problem of getting the data to/from the groups, the array doesn't care how you do it.

Generally speaking DR sites are remote so bridging and IP subnet isn't as common compared to routing to a different subnet.






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