MD3860i INTERNAL SAS buss speed

We are testing a MD3860i prior to putting it into production. This question is about the INTERNAL SAS buss speed - as reported by the management console for this MD3860i. All drives are 12Gb/s - 8 x 4TB SSD's + 52 4TB NL SAS.  The internal SAS buss will only run at 6Gb/s. All internal reports come up 'Optimal'.  Reading the literature it appears to be sold as a SAS-3 system which should run at 12Gb/s. FYI - the internal LSI chipsets on the controllers are 12Gb/s capable as is the cabling to the drive trays.  We are being told by our supplier that a MD3860i will only run at 6Gb/s internally - never 12Gb/s. Could a Dell Storage Expert please give a definitive answer as to whether the internal SAS buss from the RAID controller to disk arrays can run at 12Gb/s. - yes or no. Thanks in anticipation.

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RE: MD3860i INTERNAL SAS buss speed

Hello dragon15,

Yes the internal speed is 6GB. When we tested the system we found that even if all drives were to be accessed at the same time that the bus was able to handle it & was still able to take incoming request without any issues. Also with your MD3860i you have 12Gb/s Drives. 6Gb/s backplane, 12Gb/s controllers, 10Gb/s iSCSI interfaces.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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