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Mounted NFS Exports are read only

Setup: NX3610 connected to a MD3660i 

Our NX3610 was running an old version of the fluidfs (1.x) but due to issues we were couldn't upgrade.  So we chose to just wipe and install a fresh copy of FluidFS 3.x and wipe the MD3660.     

Everything seemed fine, I created a 5TB NAS volume and set interoperability policy set to UNIX, default file permissions to 0744 and default permissions to 0755 and then exported. 

Using Windows 2008 R2 server I can mount the export but despite all my attempts the export is read only.   

Windows mapped driver properties are as shown 

NFS Attributes:  Owner(RWX), Group(RX) and Other(RX)

Owner(UID) = 0 Group (GID) = 0


Mount shows:  Local Remote Properties
n: \\\FTKDatabase\database UID=-2, GID=-2
rsize=32768, wsize=32768
mount=soft, timeout=0.8
retry=1, locking=yes
fileaccess=777, lang=ANSI

If I set up CIFS share it works fine.

Any help would be appreciated...





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Re: Mounted NFS Exports are read only

Disregard the question, was having a bad day.

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