OSX and EqualLogic documentation?

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RE: OSX and EqualLogic documentation?


I'm sorry but no there is not.   Apple does not supply a standard iSCSI initiator with OSX.  There used to be a free one, but that too went to a pay model.  

 Additionally OSX doesn't provide a compatible MPIO with Equallogic. 

 There are basic things, make sure Flow Control is enabled on the switches, switch ports to be configured to come online immediately.  I.e.  setting them to "portfast" or "pvst" .   If the switch supports both jumbo frames and flowcontrol you can try that.  However, I like to start with standard frames then try Jumbo later to see if that helps at all.

Since there's no MPIO in OSX, it's OK to configure teaming/bonding/trunking to provide link redundancy.  EQL doesn't support teaming so you won't get the bandwidth benefit.

Having said all that, Dell does have OSX customers using EQL.  Some have added a Fluid 76xx series NAS unit to use NFS/SMB instead of iSCSI.



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