PSxxx Series Volume Sharing

Using a PS4000 I created a volume and marked it for sharing by multiple initiators. I can see & access the volume by both. Why is it that if I create a dir/file using server1, I can't see the object on server2?! It does the same thing either direction. Refreshing explorer does nothing. logging on/off does not change it either. I have the latest firmware.

Anyone have this happen and is there a trick to it?
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RE: PSxxx Series Volume Sharing

Hi mllewis,

We see this one quite a bit. The key here is block vs file level sharing, and when you check the box in the EqualLogic to allow multiple initiators you are using block level. You still need a Clustered File System on top to handle the file sharing, etc... GPFS, and VMFS are examples.

More on this wiki page:
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