TL2000 Media Changer/iSCSI Bridge 2K12R2 Support

Current setup: Veeam Version running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine in an ESXi 5.5 environment. I'm attempting to use the iSCSI Bridge to write to tape. Upon installing drivers, I cannot get the Media Changer to appear in Device Manager. An inventory of the Library in Veeam indicates that the Library is empty.

I have installed the nonexclusive version drivers from the Dell TL2000/TL4000 Driver Pack A13 which was updated on April 13, 2016.

Drivers install successfully and show both Changer Bus Enumerator and Tape Bus Enumerator in Device Manager. The tape drive itself shows as IBM Ultrium 6 HH 3580 Tape Drive. The Media Changer does not appear, even after reboot.

The radial option for the Library Mode is set to Random instead of Sequential. The library status is Ready.

iSCSI connection from the VM to the Bridge is successful and shows both in the VM's initiator and in iSCSI Sessions on the iSCSI Bridge.

Are there any other steps that I can take to further troubleshoot this issue?

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