Updating Storage Center Version for SCv2020

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Is there any way to update the Storage Center Version without internet?

Current version: 6.6.5 

I have added storage Center to Dell Storage Manager client(DSM).

But this DSM sits into the lab where we dont have the internet connection. 

I have downloaded the updated storage center version locally. 

Is there any way where i can give the updated path from usb/intranet ?


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RE: Updating Storage Center Version for SCv2020

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Yes, you can update at a dark site I have the list of things you will need to download below. 

First download everything mentioned below, be on a computer that is on your lab's subnet and make sure you can ping the management IP address.  

Turn off Support Assist (if not already off) and check the box to enable "Configuration Update Utility" and put in the IP address of the host that has the SCOS file on your lab's network.

Next open the SCUU utility and browse to the SCOS 7.1.12 file and press the start button.

Go back to DSM and from the summary tab actions>system>check for update, it should find the files and begin downloading them to the the controllers then proceed to update them.  

Give Support a call if you need further help.


Download from dell.com/support and use your service tag go to "Drivers and Downloads":

-You will need DSM2016 for SCOS 7: "Dell Storage Manager - 2016 R3.11 Release (Windows Client) - for all regions except China"

-You will need to download the update utility: "Dell SC Upgrade Utility v1.1.1"

-And the SCOS (firmware) file: "Dell Storage Center Operating Systems 7.1.12 Release" 

Download from "Manuals and Documents":

-Update Utility instructions (These will walk you through the steps better than I have mentioned above): "Dell Storage Center OS Version 7 Update Utility Administrator’s Guide"

-Also download the SCOS 7 Admin Guide: "Dell Storage Manager 2016 R3 Administrator’s Guide"