What's required to upgrade SATA to SAS for an R300?


I'm trying to speed up my PowerEdge R300 by upgrading its two hard drives from SATA to SAS. It has the base PERC controller. I have two Dell (Seagate Cheetah) 400 GB drives. I see I need different SAS controller cables, so I ordered a JW523 SAS cable as well. Do I need anything else? Does this cable also handle power? I thought I'd check with the community before I continue ordering parts one by one.


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RE: What's required to upgrade SATA to SAS for an R300?

Are you upgrading from 7200rpm SATA to 10k or 15k SAS? It could make a little difference in performance, but why not go with a pair of Intel S3710 400GB SSDs from Ebay? You can pick these up for less than US$150 and they'll run circles around any harddrive.

The S3710 is a high endurance SSD and cannot be compared to your common desktop/laptop SSD; they are designed for server usage.

Note that you would probably want to be using an H-series PERC and not a PERC5 or PERC6 as those pre-date SSDs and you won't get to benefit from the performance potential and lose several other features too. I'd suggest looking at at least a PERC H700, but you may need to check the SAS cable options.

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