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data migration

Kindly , I need your assist for obtain good solution .

I’ve had Clarrion storage DELL|EMC CX300 connected with 4 servers , currently we have new Clarrion storage (DELL|EMC CX4-120 )to add it .so, I’m going to install fiber card for each server and connect them with new SAN in order to become each server can show both SANs (old &New ).next step I will create new LUNs in new SAN in order to see old SAN LUNs and new SAN LUNs in each server .

Four servers contain of Two servers for SQL cluster and two severs for Exchange cluster .my query I need best method for move the data from old SAN LUNs to new SAN LUNs specifically Quorum LUNs without affect the both cluster instead of use SAN Copy .

Thanks …………….
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RE: data migration

If I understand the question, you are looking for the best method outside of SAN Copy and not have an outage with the cluster?

If you can't take an outage, then can you take a snapshot? Then use xcopy or double-take or whatever backup utility you like to copy the directory structure/files to the new lun & use transaction logs to roll forward...

Hopefully an Exchange/SQL expert will add a comment or their experience...
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