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powervault 220s coming back from dead

Hello, one of my customers requested help from me in order to turn on his powervault 220s, the huge problem is that he does not have the emm ip and password.

Is there a way to reset it to factory settings? and bring it back from dead keeping the info safe?

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RE: powervault 220s coming back from dead

Hello runner1000,

With a PV220s it doesn’t have a nic port on it. You will manage it via the SCSI card that it is connected to. With the PV220s it has either scsi ultra 160 controllers, or Ultra320 controllers. To view the configuration you will need to connect your PV220s to either a U160, or U320 scsi card in your host to view the configuration.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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