8200 Screen Distortion, Flicking, Unstable

Some info before i explain:
Inspiron 8200
Ship Date: 6/11/2002
GeForce 4Go 440
About 2 days ago while at school, I tuned on the laptop and everything seemed fine till i logged in and reached the desktop. My screen would go haywire, it would become distorted and unreadable. Then my screen would start flickering and display weird display lines. I immediately turned off the computer and restarted, but the same problem occurs.
I thought that it could be the battery power affecting it so when i got home, and plugged in the AC power, booted up the computer, everything seemed fine till i reached the XP log on screen, my computer would freeze and lock up, the screen would freeze and then starting from the bottom right corner of my screen, it would start to gradually turn the whole screen black. I connected my CRT monitor to my laptop at the same time and no picture would come up on the CRT as well when i tried pressing "Fn" and F8 to get a signal to the CRT.
Today, i boot up, everything is fine, i can go online and use the computer, but at unexpected times, my screen would go haywire again. Here ill provide some pics:
The screen would start flashing and lines would appear and become distorted...I dont know whats really going on but these series of weird events with my screen is freaking me out haha.
I poped in the Diagnostic CD at boot up and ran the video card test and "several errors occured" (cant remember exactly the result of the test). I think my video card has gone bad. If any one can provide some information that would be great.
My warranty states this on the dell website:
                                                              Provider     Start Date              End Date            Days Left
Rapid Response Depot                        S O L             6/12/2003             6/11/2005                   203 
If i do need to send it in, how long would it take? And how would i go about this? I've never done this process before. Please help.
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Re: 8200 Screen Distortion, Flicking, Unstable

Call Dell - they will do some troubleshooting with you and arrange a repair, if needed.

You'll have to ask them about turnaround time - probably about a week or so.
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Re: 8200 Screen Distortion, Flicking, Unstable

Sounds like a burned graphics card.
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Re: 8200 Screen Distortion, Flicking, Unstable

I got a reply from Dell Technical support and i did what they suggested and the problem occurs again:
I went into safe mode and uninstalled the video driver for my video

Inserted the Flash BIOS made disk and restarted, and completed the BIOS

Booted regularly into XP and downloaded the drivers for my video card
via the dell link provided in the email, rebooted.

As a check, i rebooted with the Dell Diagnostic CD and went to the
following menus
"VESA / VGA Interface" --> "VESA /  SVGA Video" test

Results for the quick test: "..Performed optimally.."
Extended test: "..performed optinally.."
But after almost 24 hours of regular computing, i had a feeling my card was going to fail again..and it did...

Smiley Sad Ill reply to Dell and see what they say, ill try n keep you guys updated.
Thanks Dell Email Support for the detailed replys =)
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