ATI Graphics Card Issue on XPS Studio 1645

Anyone else having the following problem(s) and know a fix?

Laptop with Mobility Radeon HD 4670 is causing an intermittent fault manifesting in either:

1. Laptop display going blank and a very slow performance of screen redraw. Only way I can fix this is to restart.

2. Laptop restarts itself.

I at least think it is the graphics card as after one incident Windows went to check for solutions and came back with the advice to check the driver was installed correctly, go to the Dell website for an updated driver or go to the ATI web site for an updated driver. I have tried installing the Dell driver and this leaves me with an error in the Catalyst software, it cannot find some assemblys and does not start. Then tried to reinstall the driver from Dell and that advised missing .Net 2.0 which I tried to install but was advised it is part of Windows 7 so that install stops. I have now done a system restore back to prior driver replacement and therefore to the original problem.

I have seen some posts on the web advising some complications with ATI hardware and the Dell specific drivers. Also seems that some of the driver options are only beta for Windows 7.

However I have not seen another post with the same issues I am facing so wondering if this is just a problem with my initial machine/build.

Any advice appreciated (& a Happy New Year).


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