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BIOS A-17 upgrade for my Inspiron 1525

I have noticed from the Dell support center, that the have upgraded the BIOS for INSPIRON 1525 from release A16 to A17 on 02-12-2009 for MS VISTA 32 Bit OS .


However when I tried downloading the BIOS upgrade, i keep getting this ' DellDriverDownloadManager.application', instead of the file 1525_A17.EXE.


Could someone throw light on how to download  BIOS A17 as an EXE file.




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Re: BIOS A-17 upgrade for my Inspiron 1525

Best advice I can give you is to leave it alone unless you need to fix a particular malfunction in your computer. You're already having issues trying to install it and if it continues to go wrong you'll end up needing a replcement MB. Bios updates are great and recommended if required but to needlessly update because there is a new one is not necessary. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.

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