BIOS Password for Dell Inspiron Mini 10

I bought this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 used for a good price. Because it has a BIOS password on it. And I've tried pretty much everything.

I tried to transfer ownership to me, but the system doesn't recognize service tag "20HBPK1" so I decided to call Dell, and they asked for the service tag. I told them the service tag, and they said that they couldn't find it in their system. Does this mean that they skipped over my netbook? It has to be there somehow in order even release it right? I'm hoping that they double checked. These are the things I've tried.


I've tried using the passwords "Dell, PHOENIX, phoenix, and BIOS" neither of those worked.

I tried disconnecting the CMOS battery for 4 hours, still nothing.


There is pretty much nothing left to do but to get that password from Dell. With  defective service tag and express code, I'm at a loss here. Can anyone explain what else I can do?

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Re: BIOS Password for Dell Inspiron Mini 10

It could mean the system was purchased in another country, but the only sure thing you can do is replace the mainboard.


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