Backlit keyboard default setting - changeable?

I've accessed the Windows Mobility Center to get to the Keyboard Backlighting settings and changed the "when to turn off" time from the 1 minute default to Never...  but this needs to be done every time I boot up!  Anyone know how to keep the backlight ON all the time without having to manually change the setting with every boot?


Dell XPS L701X

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Re: Backlit keyboard default setting - changeable?


I am facing the same issue with my new Dell XPS 15 that is L501X. Did you try contacting dell to ask that why it is happening everytime we shutdown and switch it in again? I think its really strange that settings are getting changed itself.

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Re: Backlit keyboard default setting - changeable?

I've been having this problem too. Still no permanent solution.

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Re: Backlit keyboard default setting - changeable?


I lost a hard drive and reinstalled the operating system from scratch and the problem is still there. I suspect it's wit Dell Quickset, but \Dell did not release a new version for the Dell XPS L501x.

You can try Dell Quickset from another model, t may or may not work. Just make sure to make a system restore point before trying the other version.



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