Bad Screen on XPS15 L502X?

The screen just looks horrible to me. I bought an 1080p replacement with much better contrast and viewing angles but I can not seem to get anyone at dell to sell me the video cable I need to hook it up since in the 720p model they used a ribbon cable missing traces to save a penny. Any ideas? After being referred around a half dozen times to different departments I was finally told they will not sell me the cable separate... even though people online tell me they buy it all the time for swaps at about $11 each.


Yes flash is off and yes they are in the same room in the same lighting levels. Viewing angles are irrelevant on the large monitor but on the laptop screen they are so bad you just cant angle it correctly for the whole thing to look right and it always has super weak contrast along with dull colors and a generaly washed out appearance.

Centered: If you position yourself just right you can get it to look better than this, but I couldnt get the camera to capture it like that.

From the top

From the bottom

My desktop screen for comparison

Laptop screen picks up better with flash, it looks about like this if you center yourself well.

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