Battery Icon flashing from Green to Orange on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop

This is my replacement battery that Dell sent me when the battery recall started. I noticed my battery icon flashing from green to orange.  Is my battery dying?

I am afraid to use my laptop now, afraid I might fry the thing!  Does anyone know why it's flashing? I am thinking the cells in the battery are dying.

The battery type is D5318




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Re: Battery Icon flashing from Green to Orange on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop

did this start happening with only the replacement battery? even though the type of battery was recalled, yours MIGHT have been a good one.

your adapter or motherboard could be the culprit..green to orange usually means battery is low and it might not be charging if there is no connection to charge it.  The battery may be a bad one too, but before you spend the time on the phone try this:

 take out your battery and plug in the adapter. turn on the machine and see if you get power. if not, you may have a bad adapter connection to the motherboard connection or bad adapter. wiggle the adapter alittle where it plugs into your system..NOT TOO HARD so you dont break it!! you just want to see if it is a tight or loose fit. if it comes on when you wiggle, the slot the adapter plugs into is not connected properly and the motherboard will need to be replaced

 sometimes the adapter will provide power to the system but not charge when it is going bad, so....with battery in and adapter plugged in, boot to the bios (F2 when you see dell logo) and look down to battery health and see if it is even charging...should show adapter type as well. if adapter is "unknown" you have a bad adapter that is not providing enough wattage. try the wiggle again..if adapter is shown and then disappears, you know for sure it is motherboard.

if you get power without battery and adapter shows up in bios with proper wattage....you might have a bad battery or the prongs on the battery may be bent. the only other thing is prongs on motherboard, but thats a long shot.

that is how i troubleshoot this issue, sure there are other ways but this has usually worked for me.   Smiley Happy

good luck!!

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