Black Screen: How do I know if my video card is not working?

Hello Everyone,
My laptop hard drive went out.  So I had bought a new hard drive.  While trying to install the new hard drive, the LCD screen will go black.  The time it takes is anywhere from 3-30+ seconds, and once it goes black, it stays black.  So I had done numerous things as mentioned in other forums with no luck.  Now I am able to connect a monitor to the laptop and view what I am doing on that monitor.  So is my video card bad since my LCD screen goes black?  Or is my video card just fine since I am able to view when connected another monitor?  So what should I do?  Replace the video card or replace the LCD screen?
Thanks for any comments.
PS.  I am utilizing a Dell Inspiron 8000 ATI3 8MB

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Re: Black Screen: How do I know if my video card is not working?

if you said that you can see video on an external monitor it just means that the video card is GOOD. in this case its possible that the lcd is causing the problem.

does your screen blacks out when it is already booting to windows?

>if that is the case, try to check if the reed switch is stuck! (reed switch is the tiny switch near the power button that pushes down when you close the lid of the laptop.)

>or you could also check on the flex cable of the lcd. to check on it just go to the user guide of inspiron 8000 first to know how to disassemble your computer and access the lcd cable.Smiley Wink

>if in any case the issue is that your computer goes black when loading windows try to go to safe mode and see if the problem is still the same there....Smiley Wink if it is it is really the lcd that's causing the problem...

>are you still under warranty?! call dell and have this fixed! hehehe

i am a prev dell technician so im positive that this is the normal workaround agents on the phone will give you. i just transferred to Toshiba!!!! hahaha  Smiley Very Happy

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