Blue Screen of Death and Error code 0xc0000056 and 0x00000F4

My laptop updated two days ago and ever since every time I turn it on, it loads fine (other than the restart normally question because I have to hard restart) but after the desktop loads the computer freezes and I get the following message twice:

GDI + Window: explorer.exe

The instruction at 0x74bb8148 refrenced memory at 0x74bb8148 was not placed in memory because of an I/O Error status of 0xc0000056. To terminate click ok


this message pops up twice, then either all my icons vanish and I'm left with a screen of just my wallpaper (no start bar) or the entire thing freezes. The only way to escape it is a hard restart. Please help me.





Occasionally the blue screen pops up for 1-3 seconds. I don't have enough time to read it before it resets but I am fairly certain the error code it says is 0x00000F4, it then restarts and runs CHKDSK. this doesn't fix the problem or find any Bad file or EA records

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Re: Blue Screen of Death and Error code 0xc0000056

Open your windows update history and note all the updates that you applied just before the problem surfaced. Then try doing a system restore back to a date before the update to see if the problem goes away.

If it does then set your updates to notify you of updates but let you chose what an when to download them, which is the way i would recommend anyways. This way you can choose the updates one at a time or you can use a Google search on he update KB number to see if others are having any issues with the update.

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