Bluetooth not working on Dell studio 1745

i've been working with this laptop for over 4 years, and now i found out that this version brings the bluetooth feature.. ive downloaded the driver from dell's page and tried to install it.. the problem is, the installation tells me to press the bluetooth button to enable the bluetooth and install the driver, it gives me advices by pressing "FN + F2" i do it,, but nothing happens, i press it without FN and still nothing happens.. why do i get this problem?, ive installed all the needed programs successfully but this is the only one that does nothing.. what i have to do?... i want to use the bluetooth

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Re: Bluetooth not working on Dell studio 1745

Hi Nosthertus,

Studio 1747 system was shipped with Dell Wireless 365 2.1 Bluetooth Adapter as an option. You may install Quickset on your computer from link: http://dell.to/Y3FA7N 

Once done, you may try using F2 key or a combination of Fn and F2 keys to enable wireless/bluetooth on your computer. Alternatively, you may enable/disable bluetooth from bluetooth icon in notification area or Windows Mobility Center as well. 

You may open Windows Mobility Center by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button -- > Control Panel -- > Mobile PC -- > Windows Mobility Center

If the issue persists, you may check the 'Device Manager' of your computer for any yellow exclamation marks or red cross. To access 'Device Manager', you may follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Start” and right click on “Computer”.
  • Click on “Manage”.
  • Click on “Device Manager”.

If there is any yellow exclamation mark or red cross, you might need to re-install bluetooth driver for your computer. You may install bluetooth driver from link: http://dell.to/13ohpFR 

Steps to download driver:

  • Click on “Download File”.
  • Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
  • Click on “Download Now”.
  • Save the driver on your desktop.
  • Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.

Please share the findings. 

Thanks and regards,
DELL-Chinmay S
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Re: Bluetooth not working on Dell studio 1745

When the system was purchased, bluetooth would have been optional - not standard.  Are you certain you purchased the bluetooth option?

You can check the Original Configuration (support.dell.com, enter service tag).

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Re: Bluetooth not working on Dell studio 1745

i installed the driver but still no clue.. i opened the windows mobility but it freezes.. also i check the configuration by service tag and i dont see the bluetooth adapter.. it seems like this laptop doesnt bring it really

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