Bluetooth on Inspiron 1525 - connecting a Sony Ericsson phone

Bluetooth on the laptop appears to be working fine - blue LED lights up, icon in control panel works.


However I've not managed to get my Sony Ericsson C902 phone to connect. I've enabled Bluetooth on the phone, made it visible, and scanned for new devices on the PC. PC doesn't find anything.


Trying to get the phone to initiate the connection, the phone finds the PC and asks for a passcode. However the PC doesn't notify of an incoming connection, and the phone eventually gives up trying to connect.


I haven't installed the software that comes with the phone. However the phone software isn't needed for connecting via USB - the phone shows up in My Computer, and you can access it as if it was a removeable drive. Isn't this what should be happening with Bluetooth?


Thanks for any help,



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