Boot problem Latitude C610


I connected C610 with my desktop computer.

I have ASound Fast Ethernet Card on desktop computer which causes
computer crach on WinXP, but on Win2000 Pro works fine.

Does ASound LAN card can cause some crash through network cable to other
computer. I mean, this problem has occured when I first connected my computers.

Problem is...

I can't turn on C610. I though it was battery, but pluging on AC power
the problem is still here. If I press palmrest above the battery, HDD
start working but then again turns off. After many tries computer turns on,
and works fine, but today there's no way to turn on. I have tried all
day but nothing.

What for are those LED indicators on battery? Pressing white circle all
LEDs light on (green light). Holding this button just one LED turns on.

I messured battery output voltage. The result is about 3V but real
power must be 14.8V. What went wrong?

Also, when trying to turn on computer, LED indicators on the right side on computer turns on for couple seconds and then goes off.

Sorry for my bad English.



I have Win2000 Pro + SP3 on both computers.

Can Laptops work without battery but with AC power. Is there  any documentation for resolving problems with laptops on the Internet?

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