Brand new XPS laptop takes forever to boot up

As stated by the title, my brand new XPS15 laptop takes an extremely long time to startup. It takes two or so minutes to get past the login screen and then for about ten to fifteen minutes I am unable to to do anything. For that time the computer cannot open the internet, the windows startup menu, or begin any applications at all. But after this unbearable time the computer works like a beauty.

I've done virus scans, defragmented the hard drive, and tried everything that I can think of, and Its starting to get annoying at this point. It was fine up untill yesterday when I noticed the long startup time. So if anyone has any help they could offer that would be greatly appreciated as I would like the computer to startup faster.

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.

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Re: Brand new XPS laptop takes forever to boot up


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Re: Brand new XPS laptop takes forever to boot up

So if this recently started, do you know if anything was installed on the system?  You may wish to uninstall it to see if performance is better. You can run system restore and load a save point dated just prior to you started receiving the error.  If you aren't familiar with system restore the following like will give more details on it. It also details how to run a PC restore or a manual reinstall if all else fails and the poor performance doesn't get any better.


If there are no save points or system restore fails to help you can use another windows utility MSCONFIG to try to find the culprit. Here is a link detailing how msconfig and process of elimination can be used to find if a specific program is causing a problem.  Microsoft calls it "Clean Boot Troubleshooting".  Here is a link detailing the process for Windows 7




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