Broken link: R90698 download

Have been forced to rebulid my Inspiron 510m after hard drive failure and have been trying for nearly 30 hours now to download the audio drivers (R90968) from the ftp site and direct download.

It has come down once, but then errored extracting (error code 110). It appears to be the data1.cab file that is causing the problems.

Is there an alternative download or could the file be emailed to me directly?

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Jim Coates

Re: Broken link: R90698 download

I don't know if this would have any bearing , but you have to install Dell Notebook System Software and then Intel Mobile Chipset driver before the Sigmatel or it won't install. However in that case one usually sees a different error, something like "no audio device" or "this system doesn't support etc".


"(R90968)" ... it's not R90698?

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