CD/DVD ROM Drive Not Working

Hi guys, 

I'm wondering if anyone can offer some help. I've tried everything and nothing works !

Basically, my CD/DVD ROM drive just isn't working at all. I recently wiped my computer, resetting it to factory settings. Ever since, DVD's will play in it but no other discs will. I've tried blank discs, software such as microsoft office and games. The disc makes some noise and the light flashes, but nothing after that. When I go into My Computer, the CD/DVD ROM icon has not changed, if I click it then the disc tray ejects and a message comes up stating that the drive is empty please insert a disc.


I've tried going into device management, uninstalling the drive and rebooting to reinstall. I've tried downloading Driver updates, I've tried diagnostic scans... any help would be great guys thanks.


p.s its a Dell Inspiron 1545 Vista, about 18 months old

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Re: CD/DVD ROM Drive Not Working

it's possible that the laser for the CD portion had died



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Re: CD/DVD ROM Drive Not Working

i bought a dell inspiron costum colour purple laptop by the properties in my computer its number model is 1545 and is a intel core duo 2 running windows 7 im having some major issues i have a 5 year warrunty on it and its only been 1-2years since i bought it the dvd/cd drive will not read any discs, the computer keeps turning itself off when it still has full battery and it will barely ever complete windows updates most fail, plus i need to find out how to and where to purchase a new power adapter for it as my puppy puncthered it today whan i had my computer unplugged.... really need help and since the store i bought it at is over 200kms away from me and i dont have a car i need to find a solution on how to get it fixed and where to purchase the new ac adapter?????? help please as my business is all online and my computer will only work and charge when it wants too its getting rediculous this is my pride and joy!!

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Re: CD/DVD ROM Drive Not Working



See if the fixit tool works.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs





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