CPU Temperature

Hi, I have an xps m1330. Installed a CPU temperature monitor software (Real Temp 2.70) and my laptop's average temperature is about 60 ++ degrees. Is that normal?



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Re: CPU Temperature

CompUser2008 wrote:

Hi, I have an xps m1330. Installed a CPU temperature monitor software (Real Temp 2.70) and my laptop's average temperature is about 60 ++ degrees. Is that normal?


Pretty normal.

70 deg C is too hot. Here is a conversion chart for C to F or F to C.

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Re: CPU Temperature

Assuming you mean it's running at 60°F, that's <16°C, which is very impressive... if it's accurate?
It would be worth confirming the temperature using a different temp monitor though - i.e. Core Temp.

I say that, because it's not physically possible for the core components in a PC - and especially a laptop, to run at temperatures below the ambient room temperature.
To have a CPU temperature of just 60°F, would mean you'd have to be sitting in a room with an ambient temperature well below 60°F, in which case you'd have ice for blood Smiley Surprised Smiley Tongue
I'm a Scotsman, so I'm used to fairly low temperatures, and I'm quite happy to sit in rooms with temperatures below what many other people think are rather on the 'cool' side Smiley Very Happy
But even I would find <60°F/16°C a tad 'cool'!

If - on the other hand, you mean it's running at 60°C. () ... that's a different matter altogether!
By way of example, the CPU in my M1730 (see sig) runs at anywhere from the low - high 30°C (90 - 100°F) at idle - depending on the room temperature.
And my graphics cards idle at a steady 50 - 52°C (around 120 - 125°F), and graphics cards always run quite a bit hotter than CPU's.

So you'll understand why you ought to be concerned if you do mean your CPU is running at 60°C!
If you meant 60°F, then I'd suggest it must be wrong - hence recommending checking it with another temperature monitor.
HWMonitor is another useful (/free) temperature monitor, which displays both CPU and graphics card temps.
Run either/both Core Temp +/or HWMonitor, and get back to us with the reported temps Smiley Wink

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Re: CPU Temperature



What processor have you? 65nm (T7*** or T5*** series) or 45nm (T8*** or T9*** series)?


Assuming you've a 65nm processor (T7*** series) they're good for up to 85C according to Intel themselves (If I remember correctly from the datasheet), so on that note you're okay.


Just to give you some idea the T7500 in my XPS M1530 goes between 40C and 65C when idling, the fan knocking it down that is. Under load with a CPU torture test (Prime95), the highest temperature I saw was 72C.


The 45nm proceesors are known to run a good bit cooler.

The T8100 in the Studio 15 I set a friend up with recently showed an idle temperature of ~35C and a load temperature with the same CPU torture test of around 55-60C.

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