Can't Play DVDs

I had Dell re-install my laptop two years ago for unrelated reasons. Recently, however, I discovered that they did not re-install whatever it is that my laptop needs to play DVDs. I have tried with many different movies; that is not the problem. This message appears whenever I do try to watch a DVD:

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.

What exactly do I need to install in order to watch movies? 

(They refuse to fix it for free even though it is their fault for not installing it two years ago!) 

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Re: Can't Play DVDs

Hi Ucdgretchen,

Welcome to the Community. It looks like the DVD codec is missing. Install teh Power DVD or Sonic disc that came with the computer, if you do not have that, you can install a 3rd party decoder. Use the below link to install Klite Codec.


Hope this helps.

Thank you


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Re: Can't Play DVDs

Download and install the klite codec pack select the advanced install.

Select either profile 2 or profile 4. Click next till you get to here.

Select Windows Media Player. Then click next and install. DVD playback should work with Media Player now.

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