Clone display on XP, is it possible?


I used to run Win2000 on my I8000 + GF2GO and it was really easy to clone the display so that I could connect the computer to my TV to watch DVD's, but now, under WinXP - there doesn't seem to be an option to clone the display!
The only available option is to "extend" the display so that the TV and the LCD works side-by-side.

The problem is that when I load up intervideo WinDVD (or Microsoft Media Player) to watch the DVD, and select fullscreen mode - the LCD get the fullscreen view, and the TV just sits there displaying the background image on my desktop.

What can I do? Is it even possible under winXP? (I have all the latest drivers).
If I can't watch my DVD's on the TV I'll go back to Win2000 ;(


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PowerPoint presentation doesn't work either!!!


This is awful, I cannot display a powerpoint presentation on an external display (TV, monitor, projector) either!
This is crucial for my business!
Has anyone been able to do this on WinXP + GeForce 2 Go?

Please help, I'm desperate!


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Re: PowerPoint presentation doesn't work either!!!

Hello Bjorn,

Trying to find the 'clone' mode on these is a nightmare, but the functionality is there!  However the option to go into clone mode dissapears if you run dualview (also known as multi-monitor/desktop).

To clone your laptop (so what you see on the laptop LCD screen is what is is projected out of the VGA / S-Video ports):

1. Go into Display Properties (Right click the desktop, properties, Display)

2. Using the drop down arrow, select monitor 2

3. Un-check the option, 'Extend my Windows Desktop onto this Monitor' the click Apply

4. Now select Display 1, using the drop down

5. Click Advanced

6. Click the 'GeForce...' tab

7. Click the 'nView Display Mode' option

8. Click 'Clone' Then Apply & OK.

Hope this helps!
One other thing to note, if you are running DualView (which is very useful!) you could just move the DVD window to monitor 2 (by dragging the title bar to the right), alternatively assign hot keys in the nView software.  This would then enable the video to be shown on your TV / projector etc and the DVD control panel to stay on your laptop screen.

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