Cursor freezes with pointing stick

For my Dell Latitude D610 laptop, I'm having a problem with the cursor freezing occassionally for about 4-5 seconds with the pointing stick. The cursor doesn't stick when I'm using the Touch Pad or an external USB mouse.
  1. I have uninstalled the Alps Touch Pad driver (R89598.exe) and reinstalled it, but this didn't work.
  2. I have toggled with the settings for the pointing stick in the Control Panel, but this didn't work neither.
I read that this driver may be outdated, but I couldn't find a more recent driver on the Alps website.
Dell Support can you help me?
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Re: Cursor freezes with pointing stick

I have the same problem when I received my first D610.  I called dell tech support and they suggested a replacement.  I agreed and they shipped me a new D610.  There was still problem with the pointing stick but less than the first one.  I noticed there were a few dead pixels in the LCD, I asked for a replacement again.  The third one has no dead pixel but the crusor freezing problem is as bad as the first one.
I gave up finally and what I did was to disable the touch pad and no more freezong problem.
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