CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs

I purchased a Dell laptop in November 2011 that came preloaded with CyberlinkPowerDVD 9.6 software for the Blu-Ray Disc Player. Over the last month a couple of Blu-Ray's did not play in the laptop, but did play in my stand alone Blu-Ray player. I thought the software needed some new codes, but when I went to the cyberlink website they don't even acknowledge having a version 9.6. The only updates are list for version 9 Deluxe or 9.5.

My laptop is still under warranty. How can I get a version of software with the current codes to play the newest Blu-Ray discs?

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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs


Do you have a disc to re-install PowerDVD 9.6 software? If yes, please follow the below given steps:

1. Uninstall Cyberlink PowerDVD from Programs and Features and restart the system.

2. Install it again using the disc and restart the system.

3. Do not insert any blu-ray disc, but open Cyberlink PowerDVD software.

4. Click Online update. It will be connect to the Cyberlink website and install a patch file.

5. Restart the system again and check if PowerDVD can play blu-ray discs.

If the system was not shipped with the PowerDVD 9.6 software, it can be downloaded from the My Dell Downloads application.

To install My Dell Downloads please use this link:


Please reply with the results and I will be glad to assist you further.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs

I cannot register at My Dell Downloads. I put the check in the box and a green button appears to register the system. I click the green button. The button disappears and nothing happens. The screen doesn't change and I'm not registered. 

Why can't I register? I am on the Dell laptop I purchased less than a year ago, and the website doesn't recognize it and register me? 

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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs



If you’re still having problems with Dell My  Downloads

Click on the blue, DELL-Roshan L on the next page, start conversation with and please provide Roshan with the following information.

1. System Service Tag.

2. Customer’s Contact Information:

• Name (First, Last)

• E-mail address

• Portal Password

• Country

• Language

• System type

• Operating System

• Browser Used & Version

3. Detailed Description of the Issue (screenshots if available).





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs

The problem was Dell Downloads only works with Internet Explorer even though there isn't a statement to that effect on the page that I saw.

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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs

I've uninstalled, restarted, opened cyberlink through all programs and it opened. There is no "online update" to click on. There are plenty of option to upgrade to 12.0 but nothing for online update. I went directly to the cyberlink website and it says they terminated support for 9.6.

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Re: CyberlinkePowerDVD 9.6 software won't play Blu-Ray discs

@ endlessusernames    I've just received my Insipron 15R SE which included PowerDVD 9.6, plus i had to wait several days for delivery as i wanted a BluRay player.

I placed Avatar Blu Ray Disc into drive and P/DVD started up but then it stopped responding, closed it down and noticed it was offering download update. I accepted and update patch was download (via Firefox). Restarted P/DVD and  inserted Avatar, it loaded file upto 99% then stopped responding......  I closed it down again and opened drive, started P/DVD then pushed drive slot closed with Avatar in it. P/DVD now responded by saying it didn't recognise this type of disc ????

I then tried a Blu Ray version of Mission Impossible and this worked immediately.

I do know that numerous Blu Ray players have been having problems playing Avatar and companies had to update firmwares. Is this the problem with P/DVD 9.6 ????? I don't know

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