D/Port Replicator Power Light flashing Green and Orange

Hello All,

One of my users brought me this issue the other day.   He is using a Latitude D830 laptop with a D/port docking station.  With or without the laptop docked, The power button on the docking station flashes Orange and Green when powered.    I've swapped power bricks for the dock.   The laptop still seems to charge while being docked.   After swapping the dock, the new dock is fine.

Any thoughts on what might be causing it?  Is the dock dead?  Could it be a failed port on the docking station?




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Re: D/Port Replicator Power Light flashing Green and Orange

I installed a brand new port replicator this morning. 4 hours later when the user tried to re-dock after a meeting, I get the orange/green alternating flashing LED. I'm now on another brand new replicator.

It's a 90W dell PSU connected and I've tried others. The dock light flashes whether a laptop is docked or not and also if the replicator and dock are joined or unjoined.

Using a Dell D630 but like I said, flashes when docked or undocked. I assume this new dock is dead.

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