D620 - Video card problem

I'm not too sure what happened to my video card (Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M)
but when I start my laptop there are blue vertical lines all over and
I end up getting a stop screen when windows tries to start, so I switched to VGASave.

Is it even a problem with the card? Is this video card replaceable?
Or would I end up having to replace the entire motherboard?
(in which case I think I'd just buy a new laptop)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot.
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Re: D620 - Video card problem

To isolate the problem, attach an external monitor.  If it shows the same fault, you can confirm the video failure with the Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup).


If the external monitor is free of the fault, it's the display panel, not the video chip.


On this model, if the video chip fails, you must replace the mainboard.



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